Welcome to Fine guns. Classic British Shotguns & Rifles

Buying, Selling & Renovating English Shotguns. Second hand Shotguns bought and sold. Whether you’re looking for a London Best Sidelock Shotgun by James Woodward, Purdey, Boss, Holland & Holland, Grant, Lancaster, Lang or an Anson & Deeley boxlock we can help. If we do not have what your looking for just let us know and we will do our best to find it.

If you would like advice on a classic gun that you own or want to buy or sell, we would be happy to help.

Fine Guns was created in 2009 for like minded sportsmen to purchase and maintain Classic British Shotguns & Rifles. All of our guns have been carefully selected and often refurbished to the highest standard. We also buy good quality British shotguns and offer a full gunsmith service from a new walnut stock to a new set of barrels, stock re-finish or full service, we can arrange collection and dispatch to your local RFD.

If you are new to Classic Side by Side Shotguns and would like some advice then feel free to contact us, there really is a great deal to know before you make your first purchase.

We also offer Game & Pigeon shooting on some of the best estates in the Eastern Counties of England. From a days Pigeon shooting over cereal crops to a formal day of driven game shooting to suit your budget. All of our days can be found on www.shootmart.co.uk

The London Gun is the finest in the world and long may they continue to be used in the sporting field.